The Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club's vision is to provide a quality environment for the promotion of swimming as an enjoyable sporting pursuit.  We aim to give all members of the community the opportunity to achieve their swimming potential, irrespective of ethnicity, age, disability, gender or background.

The club aims to be inclusive and actively seeks to remove the barriers to learning and participation that can hinder or exclude individuals from participating in the sport of swimming.

We aim to raise awareness by providing a culture where inclusion is embraced by all members of the club, and programs and pathways are provided for all swimmers, irrespective of who they are and at what level they wish to participate.


For more information, click on the following link to learn more about the Inclusive swimming policy.


Swimming Queensland Inclusive Swimming


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Safe Sport Framework - Keeping our Sport Safe


The safety of children and young people in our sport is paramount. We want swimming to be fun, enjoyable and safe for all. All of us in the Australian swimming community have a role to play in ensuring that we keep our proud sport as safe and enjoyable as possible. 


The Safe Sport Framework (SSF) confirms the shared responsibility we all have for keeping each other safe in swimming - children and adults alike.  The following information is from the Safe Sport Framework section of the Swimming Australia website and is current as of 3rd August 2020.

Our SSF now consists of two documents:

  1. Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy  (matters or complaints concerning the safety and wellbeing of children or young people in swimming must be considered under this policy) and
  2. Member Protection Policy (this concerns matters relating to such things as discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimisation and abuse).

The documents have also been updated to include clearer and more defined definitions and an updated complaint procedure at the end of each document for ease of reference.

All the resources referred to in the document will now be included on our website and highlighted in the document to allow people to easily click through to the relevant resource.

New disciplinary sanctions have been included as well as information on the procedure for an Independent Investigation, Hearing Tribunal and Appeal Tribunal and the time to appeal a decision has been extended from two days to seven days.

Clauses have been included relating to the opportunity of the complaint to make further submissions on a sanction before it is imposed, as well the consolidation of the commitment statements into one document onto the website for ease of access.

To ensure you are Safe Sport compliant, be sure to enrol and complete our free online course (15min), delivered in partnership with Victoria University:

Safe Sport Course Support Mannual
Safe Sport Course Enrolment
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