Membership and Fees


The Annual Membership Fee is due when signing on for the season.  Your membership fee covers Insurance and Registration Affiliation with Swimming Australia, Swimming Queensland, Wide Bay Regional Swimming Association and the Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club Membership.

New members fall within the come and try grace period of two consecutive weeks, but you will be ineligible to nominate for carnivals/meets.

As a returning member you are not insured, able to compete at club night or nominate for meets until your membership fee is paid.

Every member is required to complete their membership on line through Swim Central.  Members must complete a medical form and show their birth certificate to the registrar of the club.  

Levels of Membership:

Swimmer: A swimmer who may compete at club night, or any Regional, State or National sanctioned meet.

Parent Member: The parent or guardian of a swimmer.

Non Swimmer: All other members, including a committee member who is not a parent or coach.

Technical Official: A member who is an accredited Technical Official.

 Types of swimmers:

Competitive swimmer: is a member who competes against members of other clubs

Recreational swimmer: is a member who swims within the club only ie. swims on club nights

Dolphin swimmer: A member who is 7 years and under and who is able to competently swim 12.5m freestyle and backstroke to the satisfaction of the Gympie Gold Fins Club.


All coaching/training fees and club membership fees are to be paid separately.  Club membership fees will be payable to the club on sign-on days.

At this stage, The Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club doesn't employ a coach so members are free to choose where they train or are coached. 

There are a few options available in Gympie for coaching/training. Please speak to a committee member for details if you wish.

If swimmers wish to come along to Friday club nights, compete at swimming meets, participate in club championships and other club activities then they are required to pay membership fees.

MEMBERSHIP FEES for the 2019-2020 swimming season  

$180  for swimmers 9 year old and over;

$90 for swimmers 8 years old and under. 

Parent members - Free of Charge.

Accredited Technical Officials - Free of Charge

The membership fees must be PAID IN FULL when signing on by cash, cheque, bank deposit or 'FairPlay' voucher.  If you bank deposit the fees you must present a copy of the transaction along with the your forms. 


Most swim meet nominations are now processed online. Payment of the nomination fees are part of this process.

For meets where the nominations are not an "online" process, the following method(s) are available:

  • By cash or cheque
  • Bank Deposit to the Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club Inc Bank Account

Account Name: Gympie Gold Fins Swimming Club

Account BSB: (Please contact the club for this information)

Account Number:  (Please contact the club for this information)

Bank: Heritage Building Society

      (If using this option a copy of the transaction must be presented to the treasurer.)

  •  Cheques may also be posted to the club


PO BOX 87,  GYMPIE Q 4570

  • Cash payments will only be accepted at sign-on and Friday club nights.

If members have any concerns about the fees or need to discuss the payment options, please do not hesitate to contact the Treasurer.